The Modern Athlete

Applying the science of nutrition, Sabinsa offers many sports ingredients that cater to the needs of the hard-core athlete and the general health maintenance consumer. Discover the applications, mechanisms of actions and formulation possibilities using Sabinsa’s sports ingredients to support endurance, rehydration, weight management, joint care, improved digestion and even immune support.

Of the leading 12 trends, identified by New Nutrition Business, a leading publication from the Centre for Food & Health Studies based in London, key categories such as Naturally Functioning, Protein and Energy all rank high. Consider a quick snapshot of where 2013 and the estimated 2014 data on supplements, in the United States did, as shown by Nutrition Business Journal, Penton Media.

Companies looking at healthy lifestyles is evolving, from health tracking kits, watches and phones, the idea of the modern athlete is to be all-around healthy, all the time. It’s reported that many categories will slow down, and even possibly see negative growth, however, the interesting data in Table I display the gain for the Sports Nutrition Category.

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